Friday, May 9, 2008

Eating in Japan

When you have a vacation to join a tourist to Japan. Please try to enjoy eating there. The first kind of food in Japan I want to eat is sushi. In Japan homes, Sushi is often eaten. Chirashi-Zushi, maki-zushi, inari-zushi are commonly cooked at home. They may sometimes order such sushi for special occasions.

In traditional sushi restaurants, sushi is more expensive than home-made. It can cost around US $100 or above per person, depending on what and how many you eat. One kind of sushi restaurants called called Kaiten-zushi is very popular in Japan. This is a kind of susi fast-food restaurant where ths sushi plates circle around on a converyor belt, you can just wait until your favorite sushi comes near you. The prices of sushi pieces are vary depending on the colors of plates.

Travel to Japan

Like many peoples, I love travelling. For the past year, i travelled a lot but limited to a few days to China.
I hope i can save enough money to make a trip to Japan before the end of this year.

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