Friday, May 9, 2008

Eating in Japan

When you have a vacation to join a tourist to Japan. Please try to enjoy eating there. The first kind of food in Japan I want to eat is sushi. In Japan homes, Sushi is often eaten. Chirashi-Zushi, maki-zushi, inari-zushi are commonly cooked at home. They may sometimes order such sushi for special occasions.

In traditional sushi restaurants, sushi is more expensive than home-made. It can cost around US $100 or above per person, depending on what and how many you eat. One kind of sushi restaurants called called Kaiten-zushi is very popular in Japan. This is a kind of susi fast-food restaurant where ths sushi plates circle around on a converyor belt, you can just wait until your favorite sushi comes near you. The prices of sushi pieces are vary depending on the colors of plates.

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